Welcome to the official site of Gurkha Cup UK. Annual Event Conducted by Tamu Dhee UK.


  • Mr Gyam Gurung
  • Mr Nandajung Gurung
  • Mr Hitkaji Gurung
  • Mr Hari Gurung
  • Mr Krishan Gurung (Secretary)
  • Mr Jumkaji Gurung
  • Mr Dipak Gurung
  • Capt Pitamber Gurung
  • Mr Krishan Gurung (Cul Sec)
  • Mr Indra Gurung
  • Gurkha Resource Group Ltd
  • Mr Mohan & Durgi Gurung
  • Mr Krishana Gurung (FPRTS)
  • Mr Hari (Govinda) Gurung
  • Mr Shrichandra Gurung
  • Capt Narain Gurung MVO
  • Mr Gopi Gurung
  • Frisi Gurung Movie
  • Mr Chandraman Gurung
  • Mr Phatta/Roshma Gurung
  • Mr Min Gurung (Sahila)
  • Mr Lok Bahadur Gurung
  • Gurkha Hill (Mr Chandra Bahadur Gurung)
  • Mr Kamal Gurung (F President)
  • Peepal Morgages (MD Surya Prakash Grg)
  • Mr Ashok Gurung /Aldershot
  • President Sahara Club Dilip Gurung
  • Mr Jagdish Gurung
  • CBTSUK (Chairman Chandra Bdr Gurung)
  • Yumpo Deurali Gurung Film Unit UK
  • Mr Bohat Gurung (President LSUK)
  • Mr Prem Gurung (FounderPresident HK UK Manch)
  • Nawaraj Ghale / Sunrise Sports Club
  • Mr Hari (Kazee) Gurung
  • Mr Man Psd Grg President Pokharale Manch
  • Mr Dilras Gurung
  • Mr Sumal Kumar Gurung
  • Thakali Kitchen (Mr Shyam Serchan)
  • Mr Pradip Patel (PKP & CO)
  • Dhampus Pariwar UK (Chairman Gupta Bdr Gurung)
  • Sahara Club UK
  • Mr Surya Gurung (Gurkha Palace Restaurant)
  • Mr Hitkaji Gurung
  • Mr Bharat/Sirijana Gurung (Sonpal)
  • Mr Nanda Gurung (Gilung)
  • Mr Man Gurung (Lamjung)
  • Kent Ekai TDUK (Chairman Capt Surya Prakash Grg)
  • Brightsun
  • Dragon Palace Resturent
  • Capt Raju Gurung
  • Insp Khem Gurung
  • Mr Mahesh Gurung GDB
  • Mr Prakash Gurung (Langdhi)
  • Mr Kulraj Gurung (Durlung)
  • Mr Mahendra Gurung (Bharat)
  • Mr Dhan & Susma Gurung (Waymouth)
  • Mouja Bijaypur Samaj UK (Chairman Ek Bdr Grg)
  • Lamjung Samaj UK (Chairman Bohat Bdr Grg)
  • QGE Veteran
  • Mr Prem BK (Dip Jewellers)
  • Everest Times G/S FNJUK Lilaman Sherpunja
  • PWS President Narjang Gurung
  • Maj Samundra Gurung
  • Lt Kusang Gurung
  • Mr Kesh Bahadur Gurung
  • Mr Sera Grg (Yak Yeti Yak)
  • Bhalam Danda Gau Samaj (Chairman Dil Bdr Grg)
  • Tangle Kot Tamu Samaj UK (Manoj)
  • Mr Ram Grg Morden
  • Mardikhola Samaj UK (Chairman Hiraman Grg)
  • Mr Damar Bdr Grg (Reading)
  • Mr Lachhya Bdr Grg Burntoak
  • Yogesh Gurung
  • LN Pandey
  • Sankar Raj
  • CESI Arkraj Timilsena, Laxman Saha
  • Ranjita Malla (Siraj Fashion)
  • SHIBA (Maya) Gurung ANFA Kaski General Seceratery
  • Jib Belbase Senior Vice President GRNC
  • Bachaspati Regmi
  • Mohan Gurung NTV
  • Sikles Parche Samaj UK
  • SPSUK Chairman Bhim Prasad Gurung
  • Baraldanda Tamu Samaj UK (Chairman Mahendrasing)
  • Bhuka Gaule Samaj UK (Chairman Pancha Kaji Grg)
  • Maj Khusiman Gurung
  • TDUK Youth
  • Mr Janga Bahadur Gurung
  • Dr Chandra Bahadur Gurung
  • Perbat Welfare Socity (Chairman Narjang Grg)
  • Mr Rabi Lamichhane (Adviser NRNA UK)REF : GYAM
  • Ghachok Machhapuchhre Samaj (Dilras)
  • Sonpal Samaj (Chairman )
  • Everest Times Private Ltd
  • Bishan Gurung (BBN World)
  • Mr Binod/Kalpana Gurung
  • Ramche Samaj UK (Chairman Dal Kaji Gurung)
  • Councillor (Maj) Chitra Rana
  • SERTD Vice Chairman Hira Prasad Gurung
  • Tarka Jung Gurung (Cambridge)
  • Krishna /Kalpana Gurung (Mychett)
  • Rajendra Gurung (Bhuka)
  • Mr Man Bahadur Gurung (Junction Groceries)
  • Mr Jit Gurung Advisor (UNO Libya) JUM
  • London Tamu Dhee Ekai
  • Lt Narayan Prasad Gurung BEM Chairman BCCUK
  • Mr A B Gurung
  • Maj Lal Bahadur Gurung
  • Karam Gurung Sapna House
  • Mr Khushiman/Mina Gurung (NRN & TDUK Adviser)

Why to Support Us

        • Promote sports interest among the younger generation to develop team spirit, sportsmanship and camaraderie.
        • Provide a platform for social gathering to people from all walks of life in a safe yet fun filled
        • Promote integration, harmony and cooperation in the local community through engagement with

How to Support Us

  • £15,00 above – Gold Sponsor as a main sponsor: Banner with your company name and logo on the main arena. You will be given an opportunity to present prizes. Seat reserved for two in VIP Tent with some snacks
  • £500 above – Silver Sponsor: Banner with your company name and logo on the main Arena. Seat for two reserved in VIP tent with some snacks


Message from President of TDUK

Mr. Gyam Bahadur Gurung 

It is with both pride and pleasure that I welcome all our guests, visitors, players and members to 16th Gurkha Cup 2018. Last year we saw Gurkha Cup reaching new levels of development with encouraging number of spectators from Nepalese community and also from local community. It was a great tribute to TDUK and management, for all the very hard work put in during the event.

Our ambition this season is to develop and create environment to have family fun meet and greet with number of stall with delicious food in a non-alcohol environment, our ethos is to compete and win all the while living our mission for inclusion and fun. To as well as the Management Team, I extend my best wishes for another very successful Season ahead. Read More


Message From Gurkha Cup CEO

Captain  Pitamber Gurung 

Dear Supporters,

A big welcome to all our players, sponsors, supporters and volunteers for season 2018. If you are first timer in Gurkha Cup then I trust you will have an enjoyable and fun fill experience of the day with your friends and families.

Gurkha Cup is one of the largest event organised by Tamu Dhee(TDUK) a Nepalese Organisation in UK with success both on and off the field every year.
Administratively, TDUK is continuing to capitalise on the good work done in recent years by the Executive and Committee. The 2016 Committee once again provides a wealth of experience across all facets of management, from finance to social. Read More


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