Welcome to the official site of Gurkha Cup UK. Annual Event Conducted by Tamu Dhee UK.

Gurkha Cup is one of the biggest events organised by a Nepalese community in United Kingdom where youth from not only UK but also from European country like Portugal, Belgium and Germany traveled to the fields at Queens Avenue for the Tournament.

Just to give you a terse background of Gurkha Cup, it was established in the year 2000.  The cup itself was presented by the King of Greece in year 2000. Since then the popularity of Gurkha Cup is growing strength to strength among all Nepalese Community not only in UK but the charm and popularity is growing in other European countries as well.  This is now the biggest, the most popular and the most prestigious event that we organise in comparison to other events that is organised by different Nepalese organisation. Such is the charm and popularity of the Gurkha Cup that spectators from all walks of life descend upon the tournament in Aldershot in their thousands from near and a far – from UK and abroad.   The record number of people we have had is 13,000 in 2016. It has raised money for good causes and has donated it to the victims of the Japanese Tsunami, the Philippines Typhoon Haiyan, major flooding and landslides in Nepal, Gurkha Welfare trust and also for Help for Heroes to name a few, in 2015 for Nepal Earthquake £80,000 was raised and donated to support the victims of earthquake.  It prides itself in helping others and in providing a social platform for Nepalese and other races to help integration and understanding.  The Gurkha Cup also provides platform for different business’s for networking and for their advertisement.

Gurkha Cup Event is itself a unique day, it not only shows the football tournament but is also combined with various kind of stalls and displays i.e free-fall parachute display, Brigade of Gurkha Band display, Cultural dance, Tai-Kwon-do display and many more.  As a whole it is a nice family day out to meet and greet friends and family and to spread your networking.  Army and local Police also feel proud to get involved in Gurkha Cup by putting some of their Recruiting Stalls and providing Referees for the day. Hampshire Police will be preforming a dance program this year.

About 50 teams participate in this nine-a-side Gurkha Cup tournament to lift the much coveted Gurkha Cup trophy and the tournament gets more competitive each year.  The tournament provides a platform for teams to display their skills, team work and sportsmanship; whilst on the other hand; it provides a great family day out to spectators in a secure environment to meet and greet both old and new friends and families as well as to enjoy watching competitive football matches. The Rushmoor Borough Council has recognised this prestigious tournament and is included in their annual calendar.  

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