Welcome to the official site of Gurkha Cup UK. Annual Event Conducted by Tamu Dhee UK.

How to Support Us

£15,00 above – Gold Sponsor as a main sponsor: Banner with your company name and logo on the main arena. You will be given an opportunity to present prizes. Seat reserved for two in VIP Tent with some snacks

£500 above – Silver Sponsor: Banner with your company name and logo on the main Arena. Seat for two reserved in VIP tent with some snacks.
£300 – Bronze Sponsor: Banner at the entrance.
We would be tremendously pleased and honoured to have your presence at the tournament as it would add something special to our Gurkha Cup.

Needless to say, we will be announcing all the names of the sponsors and donors as well as displaying their provided flags and banners.

Please forgive us for taking your precious time, but I hope you will understand why we have come to you for help. We very much hope that you will be able to help us through your sponsorship or donation to make this year’s Gukha Cup the best and an unforgettable one.

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