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Captain  Pitamber Gurung

Dear Supporters,

A big welcome to all our players, sponsors, supporters and volunteers for season 2018. If you are first timer in Gurkha Cup then I trust you will have an enjoyable and fun fill experience of the day with your friends and families.

Gurkha Cup is one of the largest event organised by Tamu Dhee(TDUK) a Nepalese Organisation in UK with success both on and off the field every year.

Administratively, TDUK is continuing to capitalise on the good work done in recent years by the Executive and Committee. The 2016 Committee once again provides a wealth of experience across all facets of management, from finance to social.

We acknowledge that it is part of the wider local community. The Event provides a wonderful physical and social outlet for members of the community, young and old. We encourage players, members and supporters to be responsible and active members of our vibrant community.

The TDUK values its sponsors and the support they provide the event; equally valued is the loyalty and hard work of the many volunteers and supporters. Without this support and effort the Gurkha Cup can’t survive and would struggle to be a competitive event. Remember that success is not just measured by a publicity and picture on the wall; equally significant is the depth of commitment that comes from those who put in and what the Gurkha Cup is able to offer in return.

The committee needs your input to ensure we meet your expectations through responsible management and responsive processes and procedures. There are feedback mechanisms available so, if the need arises, please provide feedback directly to a committee member or via the contact option within the website.

As always, Gurkha Cup is a social Event and welcomes members and guests from all walks of life. We would be pleased to have you join us on the day, either as a participant in football, spectators or for your business.

Gurkha Cup provide the spectacle of top quality football competition, along with the hospitality of various food restaurants, art and craft stall and breath-taking Parachute Display, live performance of world famous Band of Brigade of Gurkhas alongside with Khukri dance, Nepali folk dance and Martial Arts Display. Visitors, supporters and sponsors are most welcome to share our hospitality.

Now, and in the future, I trust you find that Gurkha Cup website, combined with our Facebook page and newsletters, provide you with an insight of Gurkha Cup. Every effort will be made to keep you current with news and information. Once again welcome and thank you in anticipation of another successful Gurkha Cup on and off the field.

Capt Pitamber Gurung

CEO Gurkha Cup

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